To arrange a wedding, requires time, finance and attention. Many small and big deeds are important in arranging a wedding. Jewelry, furniture, dresses, setting hall for functions, arranging flowers, decorations, to hospitalize guests, to decide menu and then to arrange reception, all these are much attention and finance required acts. If the finance is arranged, then much effort, activeness and attentions are required for arrangements in well planned way. Many wedding planners and functions arrangers are available and they offer their services against of charges but the benefit is that we save ourselves from hassle.

                            When we hire an event management company, then first duty is to discuss the budget for wedding with them. As event management company has to arrange all things like flowers, decorations, hall for functions, menu, furniture and lighting, so the budget matters in arranging all these things.

                          If flowers available in this season are used, it will cost low, and if flowers out of season are used, it will cost high. Same is for lightning, furniture and other issues. As many items can be gotten from sales, so if in days of wedding arrangements, any sales are going on, we can avail these next vip sale to balance our budget.